Laser Dance-532nm 3W/5W/8W
Product description

High brightness laser dance equipment green light
Software control, how to cooperate with actors
Field effect, attract eyeball
Can achieve good advertising effect and performance

Product Details

 Laser Dance-532nm 3W/5W/8W


Scanning system

40KScanning system,Wide Angle scanning(60°)


532nm 3W/5W/8W Green Laser

Control mode

PC,DMX, Auto-mode

Control interface

International standard ILDA interface, compatible with any laser control software


Avoid the single point laser under any circumstances, to the human body, the environment safer.In the online mode, DMX mode and PC control will be automatically closed when no signal light, accord with Europe and the United States and other countries the use of laser safety standards.Control software using the United States imported Pangolin laser performance, high reliability, easy to operate.

 power supply


Available space:

Disco, dance halls, bars, clubs and all kinds of large arena


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