The Pangolin Pangolin FB4 ILDA version
Product description

The whole network control
ILDA SD card offline playback
Full color OLED displays
Support the DMX, ArtNet, ILDA, OSC, and CITP signal
Modular, custom design
Support the output up to 120 KPPS galvanometer scanning signal
Support 6 channel color laser output
Improved algorithm laser signal output, increase the interpolation
Improve the transport protocol, support more laser control at the same time

Product Details

Pangolin FB4 video introduction

Introduction to the
FB4 is Pangolin (American Pangolin) company launched a new laser controller based on network control.

FB4 series launch brought us into a new stage.In the laser show, FB4 is similar to a multimedia server, so that you can control all laser and pattern.
Let you as easily as possible and other lighting control system linkage.

FB4 is an OEM custom version of the controller.He can mixture modes according to different requirements.Pangolin FB4 design is installed directly on the purpose of each laser inside.Let you no longer need to standard DB25 interface, since the ILDA signal lines.

Of course, we also provide FB4 external version, so that is not convenient to install in the inside of the animation laser installation.

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