The Pangolin QuickShow
Product description

Pangolin Laser Systems, Chinese name the Pangolin Laser Systems co., LTD., is a Laser show software, text and Laser and Laser protection technology of the world's leading.Pangolin of Lasershow Designer is the world's most popular 2000 series software performance of professional laser made software.And QuickShow is based on LD2000 developed a set of simple and easy to use, affordable, powerful software, its price is much cheaper than the most professional laser even cheaper.

Product Details

The software for details:

1, a QuickShow software installation CD, close to 2000 preset programs
2, user manuals, Flashback 3 hardware controller: 4.2 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches (110 x 71 x 33 mm)
3, USB cable, used to connect computers and Flashback3 hardware.


The Pangolin Pangolin QuickShow 

Effect of software

The Abstract space hallucinogenic effects

Special space effect of beams show flower-like pattern or various performances.


Real-time control:

Can real time to a single program or all of the rotation Angle of the cycle, rotation speed, color, color, shape, location, adjusted by the scanning speed, etc.


'Quickly create' tool for you to create and edit content:

Fast text, fast beam, bitmap conversion, beam positioning, rapid programming, fast DMX, etc.


Broadcast way:

More than a single program, rail program, the program sequence, time line programming, etc.


Operation mode:

Manual (mouse/keyboard), according to the beat of the music from the walk, program list default since walk or time line programming.。


BPM per minute (pat) methods:
Set a time interval, music rhythm, driven manually
Using the Windows OpenGL for all graphics, animation, or beam on the preview screen.
The background work mode:
In the background to show the production editor without affecting the front desk of the laser output.Only after completing and according to the output button in the output.The audience will not see you in the background of creating and editing process.
Automatic tracking the bitmap:
Import the GIF, JPG, BMP image file and converted into a laser can real-time frame.By contour track or median line mode conversion.
DMX control equipment:
Each program can be set up to 512 DMX channels.Program for unlimited.
Custom effect:
Can give a show, sequence, or a time line to add one or more effect.Effects include color (default or variable), pulse/stroboscopic, tracking, cutting, folding, mirror, ghosting, scroll, scroll, zoom, and rebound, etc.
Laser and projection area Settings:
Geometric correction and shaft deflection scanning to correct.From a laser projection to different area, using projection area Settings.(program positioning or stretching to the scanning area).

The Pangolin Pangolin QuickShow

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